Ecofriendly Builders Want Your Help in Reducing Our Plastic Nightmare

As we begin a new year, The Dinerstein Companies, ecofriendly builders of luxury apartments and student housing communities, is asking for your help in reducing “Our Plastic Nightmare.”  Check out the following infographic made available by to see the crazy amount of energy it takes to make new plastic and how much energy we could save if more people recycled.

It is not too late to make another New Year’s resolution to recycle your plastics. Participate in a recycling program at your college campus or in your community. If a program is not available, get a few friends together and form one. Do what you can to help reduce this plastic nightmare, save energy, and make the future more garbage free.

Plastic Infographic

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Eco-Friendly Housing Awarded LEED Certification

It’s official. Three of Dinerstein’s new apartment communities were awarded LEED® certification for green design, building and performance. The eco-friendly housing earned enough credits in the LEED Rating System to achieve the goals of Gold and Silver certifications.

To become LEED certified apartments, each of the three development projects had to meet a number of prerequisites in five environmental categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Materials & Resources. Points are given for each prerequisite met.

Projects earning at least 26 total points become LEED Certified. If the project earns 33-38 points, it’s awarded the LEED Silver Rating. Gold Rating requires 39-51 points and Platinum, the highest level achievable, requires 52+ points.

Measures for living beyond green at Dinerstein’s Sterling Collwood apartments near SDSU earned this property enough points for LEED Gold. Sterling Central apartments near UCF and The Millennium Waterway Ave apartments in The Woodlands, Texas were both awarded LEED Silver.

Among point earners at each property was construction waste management. A total 10,479.81 tons (87.094%) of onsite-generated construction waste during development of Sterling Collwood was diverted from landfills to be recycled. At Sterling Central, 85.993% of waste was sent to recycling centers, as was 85.76% of the waste from The Millennium Waterway Ave. Each property earned two points for doing so.

Sterling Collwood also got a point for maximizing open space. To get the point a project must exceed local zoning requirements by 25%. Collwood exceeded minimum code requirements by 1880%.

Measures for water efficiency, to reduce the heat island effect, optimize energy performance, and reduce light pollution were among various other point earners at the now LEED certified properties.

The Dinerstein Companies are currently pursing LEED certification for other green student housing communities and environmentally friendly apartments – and living up to the commitment to Living Beyond Green.

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Green Apartment Living – Opportunities Grow with Increase in Green Building Projects

Green apartment living is hot. Who wouldn’t prefer to live in a green apartment rather than one that’s not? It’s healthier, cleaner.  Better for the environment.  But until recently green apartments were almost impossible to find.

That’s changing. Despite the recession, the U.S. green building market grew by 50 percent from 2008-2010, according to a McGraw-Hill Construction report. The report, Green Outlook 2011: Green Trends Driving Growth, also shows projections for what we can expect in the future – more growth. The green building market is expected to reach $135 billion in the next five years.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, which officially began Nov 17th with an address by retired Gen. Colin Powell, had 25,000 people register in advance to attend.  Greening building is also hot.

Green consciousness spread among the youth in the early 60s, but only within about the last decade did the green economy experience big growth. Now green is mainstream. Green is smart, responsible.

LEED certified apartments, unheard of just a few years ago, are popping up across the nation. As the green building industry grows and more people become aware of eco friendly housing opportunities, the demand for them increases.

Choose Green Apartment Living

Although increased green building spurs demand for more green housing opportunities, it works both ways. An increase in demand by renters encourages even more builders to go green. From that we all benefit. (Read about the benefits of green construction.)

Let’s keep this green building trend moving. Be ecofriendly. Be smart. Choose green apartment living.

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